Plain Color Corporate T-shirt

Plain Color Corporate T-shirt


This is the latest trend in corporate t-shirt design. Instead of using plain single colour t-shirts, now a lot of corporates are looking for more than one colour in the t-shirt. This is where companies like us will help you more, we can help you with designing multi-colour t-shirts and manufacturers with almost care using our in-house t-shirt manufacturing unit and deliver to you on time. We support custom multi-colour t-shirts for both polyesters as well as cotton. Options that we provide for multi-colour custom t-shirt printing are t-shirt sublimation(only polyester) printing, t-shirt vinyl printing, t-shirt Embroidery, t-shirt eco-solvent printing and t-shirt screen printing. The most popular printing option for logo printing is a T-shirt embroidery design. Usually for this type of requirement both polo collar t-shirts as well as round or v-neck jerseys are used depending on your budget and interest.



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The properties of fiber quality are length, strength, micronaire, uniformity, color and leaf grade.


The inspector will put the garment on a model or mannequin to check whether it fits correctly.


A good quality fabric should have a dye job to match. Look out for unevenness in tone throughout the surface of the fabric.


Wrong gradation of sizes, difference in measurement of a garment part from other, Such defects do not occur has to be seen too.

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